MSF Dirt Bike Course

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We're proud to offer what we think is the best, most versatile off-road school you can attend--and it's certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation! We can make that claim because of our emphasis on safety, the fundamentals of riding, and our commitment to making off-road riding a safe, fun activity that the entire family can enjoy together, even when your family members have different riding skills.

This course consists of 8 hours of off-road motorcycle riding instruction on a closed course that has been groomed for beginners, yet has challenging areas for more advanced riders to hone their skills.

Please bring your;
  • Driver's license
  • Motorcycle Registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Waiver for your company (if applicable)
  • Ear buds (like from your ipod, that will fit in helmet)
  • Camel back / hydration system is recommended

You will need to wear;
Helmet that meets the DOT safety standard
Long sleeve shirt or jacket
Long pants
Full fingered gloves
Eye protection
Over the ankle boots

Please get a good night sleep before and be well hydrated for class and conduct a pre-ride safety inspection of your motorcycle before arriving:
T - tires and wheels
C - controls
L - lights and electrics
O - oil and other fluids
C - chain and chassis
K - kickstand

The MotoMark1 acronym "MARK" stands for: Motorcycle Accident Reduction Knowledge
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