Class Details

November 13, Maximum Control Level 1

  • Vehicle Type: Two Wheel
  • Status: Closed
  • Location: Burlington - MM1 HQ (Google Map)
  • Address: Motomark1 HQ, 733 Koury Drive, Burlington, NC 27215
  • Date: Saturday November 13, 2021
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM sharp
  • Registration Deadline: Thursday November 11, 2021
  • Cost: $325.00
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The fun will begin in the classroom with a very informative presentation and then we will move to the driving range. Our morning session concentrates on enhanced head, eyes, clutch and throttle working together for exact bike placement in more technical areas. This technique allows you to execute more precision maneuvers with maximum control that will make you safer and impress anyone that sees you drive your bike with purpose.

In the afternoon, we'll emphasize braking techniques as we simulate real world scenarios. The next time you have an emergency stop, you'll know exactly how to react and how your motorcycle will respond. Most importantly, you'll know what skills to practice to DRIVE safely when you're under pressure. Afterward we'll take you on the road in real traffic where you'll learn to read the natural road signs you have always seen but never known how to properly interpret and how to handle intense traffic situations.

Maximum Control Course Details

Length: 1 day ~ The school runs rain or shine
Class Size: Minimum of 2 students, Limited to 6 students
What's Included: Course instruction and materials.
Motorcycle: Bring your own (all street-legal motorcycles are welcome)
Requirements: Students must have completed an MSF Basic RiderCourse or equivalent or logged a minimum of 2500 miles and/or completed other advanced level training.
Minimums: Safe motorcycle, DOT-rated helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, over-the-ankle boots, long sleeves recommended for summer
Locations: Burlington, Wilkesboro, Fayetteville and Charlotte, NC or Monticello, FL

Please bring your;
Driver's license
Motorcycle Registration
Proof of insurance
Waiver for your company (if applicable)
Ear buds (like from your ipod, that will fit in helmet)
Camel back / hydration system is recommended

You will need to wear;
Helmet that meets the DOT safety standard
Long sleeve shirt or jacket
Long pants
Full fingered gloves
Eye protection
Over the ankle boots

Please get a good night sleep before and be well hydrated for class and conduct a pre-ride safety inspection of your motorcycle before arriving:
T - tires and wheels
C - controls
L - lights and electrics
O - oil and other fluids
C - chain and chassis
K - kickstand

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Travis Howard

Statewide Coordinator

Mr. Nick Wright

Statewide Coordinator

Mr. Scott Elliott


All assessors are carefully trained and certified.